Twitter Disabled SMS Verification Know How to Use Google Authenticator

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Twitter 2-step verification is a security feature provided by Twitter to users to secure their accounts, using it whenever you log in to your account, a verification code comes to your number. Google Authenticator is a completely free app and it has been created by Google, through this you can strengthen the security of your account by doing 2 Step Authentication of your digital account. Google Authenticator is a kind of security guard protecting your account, due to this, no one will be able to access your account even if your account email and password are leaked.

By the way, as I said, almost all social media sites provide two-factor authentication feature, in which users get a text message and app authenticator 2 options, from which they can select any option, but in twitter two factor authentication, you do not have 2 Rather 3 options are provided.

1. Text Message – By using this you can get the code on your mobile number which is added to your Twitter account.
2 . Authentication App – By using this you can get the code in any authenticator app. In this you can link any authenticator app with your Twitter account and get the verification code on that app.
3. Security Key – If you do not want to use both these options, then here the option of security key is also available, with this you can create a security key, with this you login to the twitter site in the web browser, then this key is also entered. are called to do.

How does Google Authenticator work?

If you have protected your Gmail account with Google Authenticator and even if your email and password goes to a hacker, then as he tries to access your Gmail account by entering your email and password, ask him for Authenticator Code. Will go and you have that code so he will not be able to access your account.

When you secure any of your account through Google Authenticator, whenever you want to login by entering email and password to open that account, then you are asked for that Authenticator code and only when you enter that code. The login is completed.

Many people keep their Gmail or any other account with triple security i.e. two step verification through mobile number and 3 step verification through Authenticator.

Now in this situation, whenever you open your Gmail or Google account by entering email and password, first of all OTP will be asked on your mobile number and then Authenticator Code, in this way your account gets triple security.

We should keep all our accounts safe from two or three sides by double or triple verification because even once your account is hacked, it becomes very difficult to recover it and sometimes that account is out of our hands forever.

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