Google Bard AI Bot Announced Compete with ChatGPT

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Google is developing an AI chatbot service to compete with ChatGPT. The name of this chatbot is Bard. This chatbot is powered by Google’s LaMDA technology which was introduced two years back. Google’s new AI chatbot will compete with Microsoft’s supported ChatGPT. ChatGPT chatbot, launched in November 2022, has made the whole world crazy.

Google Bard AI is a conversational chatbot based on LaMDA. This means that this new chatbot works on Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Application System. If a user asks a question to the bard, it will answer like a human. The company has been working on this language model for the last several years. Google said in a blog post that it is making Bard available to “trusted testers” in the coming weeks before making it available to the public at large. On the other hand, ChatGPT crossed 100 million users in just two months.

It is actually a chatbot that answers people’s questions in exactly the same way Chat GPT is designed. However, Pichai says that Bard informs users by finding the latest, high-quality answers from across the web. Which means that Google’s latest AI tool can give users information about the latest events. Let us tell you that ChatGPT usually gives the data information till 2021 properly and it has difficulty regarding the latest info. This is because ChatGPT has been trained on data till 2021.

Google Bard is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer individual inquiries in a conversational manner, similar to ChatGPT. According to Google, Bard uses online information to provide fresh and high-quality answers. Google’s language model is designed on the LaMDA transformer, a neural network architecture that is at the heart of Google’s chatbots.

Google will share the feedback it receives from external users with its own internal testing to ensure that the quality of the answers it receives from Bard is held to a high-standard and is based on real-world information.

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